13.7 Multiplicative Operators


MultiplicativeExpression[Yield, Await] : ExponentiationExpression[?Yield, ?Await] MultiplicativeExpression[?Yield, ?Await] MultiplicativeOperator ExponentiationExpression[?Yield, ?Await] MultiplicativeOperator : one of * / % Note
  • The * operator performs multiplication, producing the product of its operands.
  • The / operator performs division, producing the quotient of its operands.
  • The % operator yields the remainder of its operands from an implied division.

13.7.1 Runtime Semantics: Evaluation

MultiplicativeExpression : MultiplicativeExpression MultiplicativeOperator ExponentiationExpression
  1. Let opText be the source text matched by MultiplicativeOperator.
  2. Return ? EvaluateStringOrNumericBinaryExpression(MultiplicativeExpression, opText, ExponentiationExpression).